Our team

Our team
Our biggest capital: human capital

“The vision of one, the passion of many and the talent of all. Do not lose sight of the objectives, working for tomorrow but having the future on the horizon. And continue working without conforming to what has been achieved. These are the keys to our success.” 

For Finques Mas Ferrer, human capital is the most appreciated resource. For this reason, our greatest efforts at a personal and economic level are aimed at making all our colleagues feel valued and at ease within the organization.

They are our visible face and represent us before our clients. Motivation, enthusiasm, energy and the desire to work are transmitted directly to our clients, making the organization-worker-client relationship become a win-win situation.

Our people:

Mercè Garcia Mas


Catalina Carrero

Gestió Patrimonial

Esther Monés

Departament Juridic

Joana Pelegrín

Departament Comunitats

Silvia López

Departament Comptabilitat

Josep Costa

Departament Obres

Joaquim Lacal

Departament Fiscal i Laboral

Marga Marín

Departament Comercial

Javier Martínez

Departament Juridic

Marga Castelló

Departament Arquitectura

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual"
The vision of one, the passion of many and the talent of all