Finques Mas Ferrer

Since 1960

“For over 55 years we have been working as property administrators in Barcelona, always focusing on our clients’ satisfaction”

Finques Mas Ferrer

was founded in Barcelona in 1960, thanks to the great effort of Mercè Mas Ferrer and Joan García García, and it was taken over by Mercè García Mas in 1990.

To date, the company has stood out by keeping the principles of honesty, professionalism, innovation and certainty that have been our cornerstones.

Finques Mas Ferrer strives to create a formula that guarantees the quality in every process, looking for efficient transparency in management.

In December of 2003, after a lot of dedication and determination and due to the acquired business volume, we decided that it was the ideal time to move to Aragó 201, Barcelona (corner with Aribau) and to expand our business lines .

Finques Mas Ferrer carries out several acquisitions of real estate portfolios both in vertical and horizontal property. Therefore, that brings about a significant increase in the volume of managed estates and another step forward in the strategy of conservative enlargement that defines us.

We are registered in the Association of administrators of property of Barcelona. What’s more, in our day-to-day work, we have also introduced mediation as an alternative to the judicial way to resolve conflicts, and which consequently allows everyone to save time and money.

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