Homeowners’ Communities

Homeowners' Communities
"Hire us and save"
Homeowners' Communities


Thanks to the size of our business group, we can make the best and most economical deals with the most outstanding service providers. When we take care of, for example, the maintenance of your building, that can mean an important annual saving for your Community. We have a long tradition and experience necessary to offer products such as a budget according to the needs of each building or a rigorous economic and administrative control of the presented budget and the expenses produced.

An optimum management of the preventive and corrective maintenance of your building, as well as the technical support necessary to carry it out.

Economic management

  • Preparation of an annual building budget, its monitoring and control.
  • Economic control in real time: you do not have to wait to know the situation until the annual closure; a daily update can be provided.
  • Control and payment of supplies and suppliers.
  • Collection of provisions and control of debtors.
  • Preparation and submission of the annual statement of community accounts.
  • Notice meeting and assistance to owners’ meetings.
  • Writing of the agreements approved (Minutes) and sending them to the owners.
  • Execution of the resolutions approved at the meetings.
  • Personalized attention from the main office for any doubt that may arise.
  • Technical and maintenance management
  • Department of incidents and construction directed by a technical architect
  • Maintenance of the building and advice on subsidies.
  • Competitive proposals to any problem in the building, with the guarantee that our suppliers are up to date with their tax, labor and security obligations.

Gestió jurídica i fiscal

  • Constitució i redacció dels estatuts de la comunitat.
  • Redacció de normes de règim intern.
  • Assessorament jurídic en tots els aspectes relacionats amb la seva finca.
  • Assessorament i gestió laboral i fiscal.
  • Representació davant organismes oficials.

Sectors d’actuació

  • Finques i complexos amb règim de propietat horitzontal
  • Comunitats en regim de constitució