buying & selling

Buying & Selling
"The real estate without commissions makes its way"

Calculate how much you can save on the value of your home

The real estate without commissions makes its way
Your ad will be seen by thousands of potential buyers in the best real estate portals

We offer you to sell your property with the regular service but without the usual commissions.

The services we offer to carry out the efficient sale of your property are:     

We are legal experts and we study your property through market research of the area.

We review the documentation of the property and we advise you on the current legal regulations in all areas, especially fiscal and legal.

We promote your property in the effective means through professional photographs.

Trained and broad experienced professionals will be responsible for the marketing and showing of your property, with the support of the Legal and Administrative Department of the central offices of Finques Mas Ferrer.

A sign will be hang to cover the local market. 

A estate agent will offer personalized advice and inform you periodically about the process, in order to achieve the best price. Since we have our own commercial department, with broad experience in the sector, Finques Mas Ferrer has the capacity to capture and offer real estate as well as participate and advise on the operations that arise from the buying and selling process.

Search of the Notary.

Negotiation of the best financing for the operation.

Procedure of the Energy Certificate and Certificate of habitability.

Payment of the corresponding capital gain.

Post-sale fiscal advice.

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