Property management

Property management
Optimization of the performance and revaluation of your properties
Property management

Finques Mas Ferrer is responsible for managing, conserving and making profitable real estate of the city of Barcelona and nearby towns. As a consequence, the commitment to intervene between owners and tenants arises, resolving all kinds of outcoming conflicts, and always according to current legislation. Thus, the owners deal with experts who safeguard the protection of both landlords and tenants’ interest in all the phases that a renting relationship entails. Regarding property conservation, Finques Mas Ferrer counts on a wide team of collaborators that respond to any incidence that may arise in the property. With all this, our main business objective is to obtain the maximum profitability through the liquidation of the benefits that the management of rentals generates.

The Rental Management service includes:

Economic-administrative management:

– Analysis and revision of the occupation of the property, incomes received
   and expenses generated

– Generation and collection of receipts from tenants. Review and update of income

– Management of guarantees

– Maintenance of deposits

– Loyalty of tenants

– Contract expiration control

– Management of resignations and settlement of bonds. Revision of the property

– Monitoring of the state of collections, control of debtors and management of defaults

– Preventive and corrective maintenance of the property and incident management

– Preparation and monitoring of annual budgets

– Monthly payments to the property

– Reception of community meeting minutes

– Management of monthly payments and contingency expenditure.

Commercial management:

– Advertising of the property

– Research and selection of tenants

– Management of lease agreements

Tax and legal management:

– Management and tax settlement: IRPF and VAT

– Legal advice, review and analysis of irregularities and specific interventions

– Preparation of employment contracts and payrolls

– Coordination and monitoring of judicial processes